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Starting Your Business

When it comes to establishing a business, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive plan, seek expert advice, and learn from missteps. However, to ensure proper financial management and compliance with regulations, working with a reputable audit firm is also paramount. Prioritizing their assistance can have a positive impact on your business’s success.

Growing Your Business

Partnering with a good audit firm can help you establish strong internal controls, ensure compliance, and improve your accounting practices. Combine this with a strong marketing plan, expanding your offerings, and continuous process improvement to grow your business.

Sustaining Your Business

A reliable audit firm is essential for any business’s financial management and compliance, ensuring accurate performance reflection, identifying areas of improvement, mitigating potential risks, and staying compliant with complex regulatory requirements. Partnering with a reputable audit firm is a key step towards achieving long-term success and growth.

Our Services

Audit & Assurance

Audit and assurance are critical for financial accuracy, risk identification, and operational insights. Working with experienced professionals is essential for tailored solutions based on industry best practices, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability, and fostering long-term success.

Accounting consulting & Bookkeeping

Accounting consulting and bookkeeping are essential for financial management. They provide an accurate view of a company's financial health and can offer valuable insights on financial strategy, tax planning, and risk management. Partnering with experienced professionals in these areas can help businesses achieve long-term success.


Advisory services guide businesses in financial planning, risk management, and strategic decision-making. Experienced professionals help overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and offer insights into industry trends for long-term success.


We offer expert taxation services, including preparation, filing, planning, and consulting, tailored to meet your specific financial needs. Our team of experienced tax professionals is committed to providing accurate, timely, and personalized attention to all tax-related matters. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving your financial goals.

Incorporation & Maintenance of Company

We offer a comprehensive range of essential services to support you in starting and running your business. Our experienced team provides top-notch services, including incorporation, company secretary and virtual office solutions, that go beyond basic company setup at a low cost. With our close working relationships with experts who specialize in the Greater China Area, we're positioned to help you seize business opportunities in the region.

Bank account opening

Our company offers a professional and customized bank account opening service. We work closely with our partner bankers to ensure compliance and timely completion. Our experienced team provides ongoing support to guide you through the process with ease. We are recognized for our exceptional service, having received the Business Advisor Awards from HSBC and compliments from Hang Seng Bank for the quality of our referrals. Our firm is committed to maintaining high standards of excellence and integrity in all our work.

Working With Clients From A Wide Variety Of Industries

Our experience working with cross-border clients and multi-national enterprises has given us the expertise to navigate unique challenges. We provide customised solutions that take into account specific business needs, such as cross-border tax planning and regulatory compliance. Our insights into best practices and innovative approaches help clients stay ahead of the curve. Our clients’ businesses include investment holdings, trading, consultancy, and retails with over 60 shops in Hong Kong.

We Deliver The Best Solutions For Every Client's Needs

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our experienced professionals deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every project. With our proven track record of success, we have the expertise to help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level.

Why Choose Us?

Solid experience

Our audit firm has a team of qualified accountants who provide exceptional service to our clients. They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas of accounting, ensuring tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.

Latest Technology

We utilise cloud-based accounting and file management systems that allow for real-time access to financial data, streamlined reporting, and improved collaboration between our team members and clients. Investing in cloud-based technology can lead to long-term success for businesses by increasing efficiency, productivity, and data security while reducing costs.

Professional team

Our experienced team uses a project management system to ensure efficiency in tracking progress, managing tasks, and communicating with clients. With this approach, we provide tailored solutions to meet unique needs in a timely manner, while keeping clients informed. This allows us to offer exceptional service and results.

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